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International Caricature Festival - June 2th, 3th and 4th




We are concerned about the growing threat of Open pit mining on the planet. Economic activity that has become the most serious and violent aggression against Nature and Peoples. Social mobilization is necessary to stop it.

Vast territories in Colombia and the world are devastated without mercy. This threat comes today to the Coffee Region's Cultural Landscape, patrimony of humanity.

The Committee in Defense of Water, Life and Territory, CALLS FOR cartoonists FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to express throughout their art, their perception from different aspects regarding on this topic.

We call for solidarity action with the communities that are fighting today in the world defending life, water, territory and their cultures.


  • 1.— Participation is open to all caricaturists, cartoonists and illustrators of the world.
  • 3.— Each participant can submit a maximum of three works.
  • 4.— Free technique.
  • 5.— The submitted works must be at least ten (10) megapixels and .JPG format.
  • 6.— They can participate with works that have been published or awarded.
  • 7.— Participants must send a brief curriculum vitae.
  • 8.— Each work must be accompanied by the name and surname of the author, address, telephone number and country of origin.
  • 9.— The selected participants will receive a virtual catalog.
  • 10.— The event will be held from June 2th to 4th, 2017, exhibitions will be held in six municipalities and other major cities in Colombia.
  • 11.— The completion of the request to participate and submit implies that the participant accepts and authorizes to the organization the publication of their works in print and electronic media.
  • 12.— The organization reserves the right not to exhibit those works that may violate individual or collective rights.
  • 13.— The ten best works of each, caricature, cartoon and illustration, will receive a Diploma of Honor, which will be sent digitally.
  • 14.— The event is for solidarity with the planet earth and non-profit.
  • 15.— Deadline for submission of works: April 15th, 2017
  • 16.— The works must be sent only to the electronic mail:

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We are concerned at the mass rapid destruction of Life on the planet. Large economic groups, dedicated to accumulating wealth and power destroy Nature and humanity pushing us towards an undesirable future.

Large-scale open cast mining is the clearest and most visible manifestation of what is happening; decimated populations subjected to the most appalling poverty, territories devastated, poisoned water, depleted soils, a wretched horror filled disaster sweeping over the planet.

Three of the largest open cast mines in the world are to be found in Colombia: El Cerrejón, La Jagua and Cerro Matoso (the latter two are coal mines and the third one is ferro nickel). Whole regions are laid waste through poverty, violence, environmental degradation and the destruction of Nature; territories in which languages and cultures die, the concept of human dignity is eroded, the ideal of Democracy is forgotten and the Human Rights lose their place.

It took Nature millions of years to create and recreate the diversity of life; humans have worked and struggled for millennia moulding cultures and civilisations; for centuries we dedicated ourselves to building complex societies, institutions and rules to protect ourselves and Life itself. Now, in a short period, capitalist ambition destroys everything. This does not make sense.

This is beginning to happen in Quindío, Colombia's coffee growing region, one of the most beautiful regions with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, whose Coffee Region's Cultural Landscape is recognised by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Cultural and Natural Site.

Suddenly in 2008, we found out that most of our territory had been given over to large-scale mining. The news surprised us as nobody knew what was happening. It was outrageous. Large national and international mining companies hand in hand with the National Government had made decisions regarding our territory, lives, our future and that of our children... without consulting us!

That is why we have started an organisational process of mobilisation and resistance to oppose the extractivist economic model. We have focused our attention on the La Colosa mining project of the AngloGold Ashanti multinational, because it threatens not only the municipality of Cajamarca in Tolima, but also a large part of the department of Quindío. It is the most developed large mining project in the region and the one that will have the worst consequences. It is a danger to three of the most important agricultural areas of Colombia, the Irrigated District of Coello and Cucuana, and the Coffee Region's Cultural Landscape. It is a threat to the livelihood of thousands upon thousands in the region.

We are aware that the same thing is taking place in many other countries and so we are holding the International Cartoon Festival "Large-scale mining: all that glitters is not gold" (June 2017) as an act of solidarity with people around the world that are struggling against the calamity of large-scale mining in their territories.

We hope to contribute with an effective tool to denounce, divulge, organise and resist: our work with a pencil, our cartoons.

Committee for the Defence of Water, Life and Territory.

January 2017

Yellow-eared parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis)


1. The symbol of the International Cartoon Festival is the yellow-eared parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis) an endemic species to the Colombian Andes which is in danger of extinction, under threat from large scale mining.

2. The expression "All that glitters is not gold" which illustrates the aim of the Festival is taken from William Shakespeare (The Merchant of Venice). It means that not everything which seems good at first sight is so in reality. We are referring to the promises of wealth and prosperity for the people based on the development of mining projects. In fact, what we have seen is that such projects only bring misery to the people who live in the territories where the mines operate.

3. The cartoons that are presented to the Festival will remain in the hands fo the people in many countries around the world who struggle against large-scale mining in their territories. This will be a contribution in solidarity from many artists, creative storyboards that will be a tool to denounce, divulge, educate, organize and mobilise for Water, Life and Territory.

Become a fan of our fanpage on Facebook, where you will find the lates news of the festival.

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